We carry out the full Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI) service which means taking your project from sketch design and concept to completion.

We use our years of design know-how and understanding to create with you a building to your satisfaction including:

  • A – One to One sketch design with you
  • B – 3D modelling as standard avoiding complex architectural drawings.
  • C – Planning and Building Control applications on your behalf.
  • D – Detailed drawings an schedule for a builder/s to price
  • E – ​Manage your build through to construction
  • F – Certify your build once complete

We also provide a cut-down version of the Full Service. This is exactly the same service as the full, except we carry out the work up to Stage ( D )  where we hand over a package of drawings and specifications for you to get prices on your own accord.

Some of our clients prefer this option, it allows them the freedom they want to manage the build on their own, hiring tradesmen, organizing electricians and carpenters to work with directly. Some of our clients believe it reduces the overall cost of construction.

If you would like to discuss our services in greater detail, we would be happy to carry out a consultation with you at our office. During this initial consultation we can advise you further of our particular services, our fees and give you a better understanding of how we work with a client.

Contact us to book a FREE consultation .